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Welcome to Puerto Rico, an exciting Caribbean destination rich in natural beauty, a vibrant culture, and UNESCO sites.  Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, no passport is required for travel to US Citizens.  Vacationers will have many interesting places to visit and fun things to do from relaxing on uncrowded beaches, hiking a tropical forest, kayaking in bioluminescent bays, and visiting UNESCO historic sites to thrilling activities.  Whether you’re traveling with children, dreaming of a romantic tropical escape, desiring a vibrant city weekend trip, or a pampering luxurious vacation, Puerto Rico will not disappoint.


English and Spanish are both “official” languages of Puerto Rico, most staff in tourist regions are bilingual.  Puerto Ricans are known to be the happiest people in the world, the festive outlook of life is inspiring to visitors and evident in their hospitality.  Sit back, relax, and allow us to show you the real Puerto Rico…

The Land of a Thousand Blessings

A Small Island Blessed with World Class Natural Attractions

Visitors that venture out of the resort property can testify to the island’s magnificent natural treasures.  Puerto Rico offers world-class attractions you won’t find anywhere else.  Be sure to read our Best Things to Do & Places to Visit in Puerto Rico Guide.

Puerto Rico

Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Delight walking in the historic 500-year-old city of Old San Juan, hike the trails and jump into the waterfalls of the enchanting rainforest of El Yunque, swim, play and relax on the fantastic beaches of Puerto Rico, experience the magic of Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays, explore the amazing caves in the karst region and much more.

Fun Things to Do for the Whole Family...

from Relaxation to Exhilarating Activities

Puerto Rico Things to Do & Places to Visit - Tourism Guide 2022

There’s a plethora of fun things to do and points of interest for nature lovers, adventure seekers, eco-travelers, history buffs, golf enthusiasts, and families with small children. Take the whole family snorkeling, go ziplining above green canopies in the rainforest, book a catamaran cruise to Flamenco Beach, go on a romantic sailing adventure to offshore islands and so much more…

Explore Puerto Rico's Best Beaches

Puerto Rico is a beach lover’s destination, has hundreds of beaches easily accessible, each possessing its own vibe and unique landscape.   This is a Caribbean destination where the best way to enjoy it is by renting a jeep and going beach hopping till sunset.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

Due to its size, travelers don’t have to drive long distances to explore a list of great beaches.  In one week you could visit 20+ beaches at a relaxed pace without spending much of your vacation budget.  Choose from secluded and quiet, to Miami Beach style, to world-class surfing beaches with a casual island life vibe.  

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is home to Flamenco Beach, one of the best beaches in the world.  Your most difficult decision will be deciding which beach to visit if you only have a few days, but our beach guide has made that easier for you to plan.

Best Vacation Destinations in Puerto Rico - 2022

Best City Escapes

The most popular vacation destination in Puerto Rico is the capital city of San Juan, complete with beaches, historic UNESCO sites, museums, excellent dining options, plenty of fun activities on the water, and a vibrant nightlife.  Just 5 minutes from the airport,  the district of Isla Verde is a popular vacation spot for its beaches, beachfront resorts, casinos, nightlife, and convenient location to the attractions in San Juan.

San Juan – Capital City

Puerto Rico

Isla Verde

Puerto Rico

Best Places to Vacation for Beach Hopping

On the west side of the island, you can experience authentic tourist-friendly towns where the pace is slower, with an abundance of quiet beaches, charming towns, and plenty of interesting sights and places to visit.  Rincon and Isabela located on the northwest coast of the island, are popular among locals and travelers in the know for great surfing conditions all year.  Isabela is home to the most romantic and best golf resort on the west coast.  Rincon has many lodging options from small intimate hotels to vacation rentals just steps from the beach at affordable rates.


Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico

Best Resort Vacation Destinations

A short drive from San Juan is the resort communities of Rio Grande and Dorado, where you’ll find the best and most luxurious beachfront golf resorts on the island.  From there, visitors are near the top tours and attractions of the island.

Rio Grande

Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico

The Islands of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Islands

Book a catamaran cruise to Culebra, home of Flamenco Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, in clear waters where you may be greeted by sea turtles.  Icacos Cay is one of the most popular excursions for tourists… aquamarine water, snorkeling, and families of dolphins that love to play.  Caja de Muertos is one of the most underrated places in Puerto Rico offering a gorgeous beach, snorkeling, and a rewarding hiking adventure.

... read more about the islands of Puerto Rico

A short flight from San Juan, you can enjoy some of the most undeveloped beaches in the world.  Over the past decade the sister islands have received much attention, often featured on “top lists”.  The sleepy islands of Vieques & Culebra are some of the last true virgin islands that remain unexploited by tourism and best representing the Caribbean of the past.  Vieques is a destination with a high percentage of return visitors, visitors lucky enough to explore the magic of this island, are truly spoiled for life and end up coming back year after year.  There are dozens of beaches open to the public, each one with a unique natural look, unblemished by development.  Vieques has bragging rights to the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, a natural phenomenon that ought to be on everyone’s bucket list.  Culebra an archipelago of islands, says it all with two words “Flamenco Beach“, consistently ranked as one of the top 5 beaches in the world.  Head to the west coast of Puerto Rico and visit La Parguera Nature Reserve and Gilligan’s Island.

Tourist Regions of Puerto Rico

There’s so much explore in Puerto Rico, you’ll be coming back for more.  The more you explore, the more you’ll fall in love.  If this is your first time in Puerto Rico it may be a bit overwhelming sorting through all the information available and figuring out which places to visit and activities to do.  We have spent many hours creating guides to make your planning easier and your vacation extraordinary.

East Region

Puerto Rico

North Region

Puerto Rico North Region - Best Things to Do

West Region

Puerto Rico

South Region

Puerto Rico - Places to Visit - South Region

Travel to Puerto Rico

Traveling to Puerto Rico is just like flying to another state with no passport required for USA Citizens.  With so many daily flights from the U.S., in just a few hours, one can escape the cold and enjoy basking under the warm sun, enjoying a Piña Colada right where it was first created.  The island is often described as the easiest and most exciting getaway in the Caribbean.  The islands’ unique attractions and warm culture offer travelers extraordinary experiences without all the hassles of traveling to faraway places.

Tourist Map of Puerto Rico

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