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Aguadilla, Puerto Rico 2021

Don't Miss Snorkeling at Crash Boat Beach

Aguadilla is a coastal municipality right at the northwest point of the island attracting tourists in the winter for its surfing beaches, scenic sunsets, and nearby points of interest on the west coast.  Many locals and surfers in the know will argue that Aguadilla rivals the more known surfing town of Rincon.  Aguadilla hosted the ISA World Championship in 1988. Aguadilla’s gorgeous coastline can be easily missed by the distractions of congested Route 2.  

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

In order to find the enchantment of Aguadilla, one must wander through the narrow residential roads leading up to the coastline where beach lovers will find miles of beaches, with some secret spots worth being featured on a Pirates of the Caribbean scene.

Aguadilla Puerto Rico

Aguadilla is home to the Rafael Hernandez Airport, an international airport welcoming visitors seeking a beach vacation on the laid-back towns of the west coast, offering cheap daily flights to and from Orlando and NYC area airports.  The airport is on the site of what used to be the U.S. military’s Ramey Air Force Base. Aguadilla is the most commercialized municipality in the northwest region with many local businesses, factories, a shopping mall, and one of the only two ice skating rings in the Caribbean.   Aguadilla feels like many of the traditional towns across the island, at the center is a small square where government offices and many local shops are located.

Best Beaches in Aguadilla Puerto Rico

Best Beaches in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (West Coast)

Rincon gets most of the publicity and attention in magazines and publications, but locals and frequent visitors in the know, head to Aguadilla for less crowded beaches with excellent surfing, good snorkeling in summer months where you can encounter sea turtles, and go scuba diving on crystal clear waters not far from shore.  Some beaches are known for their calm clear water, and some are known worldwide for their world-class surfing rivaling neighboring towns of Rincon and Isabela. You won’t find resorts and hotels dotted along the shoreline.  Decades ago the US government decided to build its Army base along Aguadilla’s gorgeous coastline, ironically keeping the coastline natural and uncrowded.

Beaches - Things to Do in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

To enjoy the beaches of Aguadilla, a car rental is a must, once off the busy highway, visitors will be immersed in an authentic non-touristy town with gems to explore at the end of residential streets and bumpy dirt roads.  Those that seek a more adventurous beach experience will enjoy the most scenic and breathtaking spots by taking a 20-minute hike to Survival.  For those that prefer a more cultural scene, there are various beaches popular among locals offering the best conditions for swimming where you’ll find great local food, and live music at beachfront locations.

Following are the Best Beaches in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Below, see photos with an introduction to the most popular beaches.  In summary…

Crash Boat Beach

Don’t miss visiting the picturesque Crashboat Beach, the most popular beach in Aguadilla.  During the winter months, surfing is good for all levels.  From the pier, you can jump into crystal clear waters, a popular scuba diving spot.   During the weekends, you’ll experience an authentic Puerto Rican beach atmosphere with families having fun under the sun.  Crashboat is famous for the colorful fishermen’s boats parked right on the sand on the north side of the beach.

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Playa Punta Borinquen

For a romantic walk on the beach, head to Playa Punta Borinquen, a beautiful stretch of golden sand where you can listen to the surf and go searching for treasures in hidden caves when the tide is low and conditions are safe.  You can continue walking south or hop back in your car and continue towards the “Lighthouse Ruins“, you may find a local photographer doing an engagement photo session.

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Playa Peña Blanca

During the summer months, head over to Playa Peña Blanca, also known as Wishing Well.   Be sure to take along snorkel gear, the water is clear, the coral reef has a variety of fish and sea plants, and sea turtles are often spotted at Playa Peña Blanca.

When you’re done exploring the beaches of Aguadilla, head over to Isabela or Rincon, so you can continue falling in love with the west coast of Puerto Rico.

Playa Cueva Survival & Tabletop 

Cueva Survival is the most breathtaking beach location in Aguadilla and among the top in Puerto Rico.  In order to get there, you’ll have to take a hike, but the reward is certainly worth the effort.   Coming down from the hike you’ll first arrive at Tabletop Beach, one of the best surfing beaches in Aguadilla.  Although these beaches are not safe for swimming, the scenery is well worth the hike and deserves a full morning to enjoy and take in all the beauty.

Surfer’s Beach

Perfect explanatory name… Surfer’s Beach is popular among surfers for locals and tourists alike.  The coastline is rugged, romantic, without crowds and perfect for relaxing while watching surfers.

Wildnerness Beach

Wildnerness Beach is a favorite during the winter months for surfers. There are a few sandy areas with some shady spots where you can park your lounge chair and watch the show.  Be sure to drive a 4-wheel drive during heavy rain, the road to Wildnerness gets bumpy with some deep muddy spots.  During the summer months, Wilderness gets nice and quiet, you can walk along the beach during low tide along the undeveloped shoreline.

Gas Chambers

Gas Chambers - Best beaches in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Gas Chambers has two extreme personalities, and that’s exactly the reason why is so loved by locals and visitors.  During the winter months, experienced surfers can ride World Class waves, during summer months, snorkelers can explore the rocky shores where fish play and hide.

Best Places to Visit & Things to Do

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Ruinas (Ruins) del Faro Ponderosa

Ruinas del Faro - Aguadilla Puerto Rico - Places to Visit / Things to Do

Plaza de Recreo

Aguadilla Puerto Rico

Just like all municipalities in Puerto Rico, the town has the traditional square (plaza), where locals gather to chat with friends, attend cultural events, and simply relax and take a break from shopping in the small shops surrounding the plaza.   Across the plaza is the Catholic church and Alcaldia (Mayor’s Office).  Puerto Rican history buffs visit Plaza de Recreo to see the statue of Rafael Hernandez (1892-1965), born in Aguadilla, famous composer of “La Isla Preciosa“.

Punta Borinquen Golf & Country Club

Golf course in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

With 18 holes with beautiful ocean views in each one, you’ll want to take your time in this challenging course, often referred to as the best value in Puerto Rico.  The best time to play is in the morning, but if you’re a sunset lover, the afternoon is a magnificent time to play.   The course is very open, no view is blocked, but the wind gusts make the course very challenging.  Punta Borinquen Golf Course offers a driving range and practices green with reasonable fees.   The best time to play is during the morning, it rarely gets crowded, and the atmosphere is very relaxed.  The airport is next door, you’ll have planes flying over making it even more interesting during the game. Interesting facts: The course opened in 1940, built for the military of the Fort Ramey Base.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower played at this course. The course was designed by Fred Garbin.

  • Address: Golf Rd, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico 00603
  • Phone: +1 787-890-2987
  • For Hours, events, and more info: Visit their Facebook Page

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Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Map - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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