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Culebra, one of the islands of Puerto Rico.  Most lists for best beaches in Puerto Rico, place Flamenco Beach at the top, but it is not the only amazing beach in Culebra, this sleepy island is a beach lover’s dream destination with some of the best-preserved beaches in the Caribbean.  The majority of visitors to Culebra book day trips from the main island.  Most tour operators offer to pick up from hotels in tourist areas of San Juan and the east coast.  Some tours include air or ferry tickets, for those wishing to avoid planning, they are a perfect option since the ferry system can be unreliable and difficult.

Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach - Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Best beach for landscape, scenery, water clarity and quality, and color and texture, cleanliness, facilities, family friendliness, access, lifeguard services, camping facilities, food, safety, never crowded even on the high season…simply perfect.  

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Playa Tamarindo Grande

Tamarindo Grande - Best beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Best beach for snorkeling with sea turtles, snorkeling with children, kayaking adventure, easy road access, gorgeous natural landscape.

Playa Soni / Zoni Beach

Zoni Beach - One of the most beautiful beaches in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Best beach for scenery, clarity of the water, seclusion, color tones, easy access, romance, relaxation, eco-travelers, long walks on the beach, beachcombing.

Punta Soldado Beach

Punta Soldado Beach - Best beaches in Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

Best beach for snorkeling, scuba diving, enjoying solitude, hike with views, beachcombing.

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Culebra, Puerto Rico

Map - Best Beaches in Culebra

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