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From a Vibrant City Vacation by the Sea to Luxurious Exclusive Places, to Pristine Secluded Beaches to Laid Back Authentic Beach Towns, Puerto Rico has a place for you.  Stay a little longer and allow us to show you the diversity around the island, so you can plan the perfect getaway that fits and meets your travel style and needs. You’ve waited patiently to travel safely… so let’s make it an unforgettable trip.  We speak to many travelers visiting Puerto Rico.  The ones that are somewhat disappointed have one issue in common… they didn’t pick the right vacation destination for their specific travel needs and preferences.

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One of the most important decisions when planning a great vacation in Puerto Rico is choosing the right destination.  More than a vacation, it is our goal that visitors to Puerto Rico have meaningful, extraordinary experiences.  You can choose to come back to Puerto Rico seven times, and have a different vacation experience each time.  Each region and the offshore island has its own unique characteristics and vibe.  If you’re worried about a boring vacation, it won’t happen in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is divided into 78 municipalities (we’ll refer to them as towns) including the offshore islands of Vieques & Culebra.  Although many towns have their own charm and places of interest, the places in our guide are vacation destinations, tourist-friendly places complete with hotels, restaurants, places of interest, and enough activities to give visitors a wonderful vacation experience without having to venture out too far from their hotel.

Map: We have included an interactive map of all the places we’ve mentioned on this guide at the end of the page.

Language: English-speaking visitors will find plenty of staff and locals at restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and tour operators to make them feel comfortable and welcomed.

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We are travelers just like you, and we understand the value of a hard-earned and needed vacation.  Unlike other guides you’ll find online, this guide is not driven by hotel sales or sponsorships.  We take pride in writing honest, unbiased guides, based on real experiences.  We do not accept payments for reviews or coverage of a destination, service, or hotel.  We pay for our food, tours, and hotel stays – keeping us objective and without obligation to write a favorable review for a service given or a specific place.  Our articles get plagiarized a lot, even by the “big” ones.  We travel around the island extensively.  We take our own photos with the exception of hotels and to protect the privacy of travelers in the places we visit.  Our work is fueled by our desire to share Puerto Rico and helping travelers plan a vacation filled with extraordinary experiences.

We do offer links and information about popular tours and places to stay from reputable booking engines for your convenience, we get a small commission which helps us keep working to bring you valuable information.  Our recommendations are not driven by sales, writing real guides is what keeps visitors happy and respectable travel companies seeking our guidance. 

Best City Destinations in Puerto Rico

San Juan is the most popular vacation destination in Puerto Rico.  City lovers will enjoy a vibrant nightlife, extraordinary dining, excellent hotel options from luxury to budget-friendly, world-class attractions, and of course amazing beaches from Miami Beach-style to secluded just minutes away.  Within the capital city, there are various vacation destinations each with its own vibe and style.

San Juan, Capital City of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Places to Go - San Juan

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Best Resort Destinations

Puerto Rico

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Best Authentic Beach Vacation Destinations

Puerto Rico

If you’re looking to have a vacation outside of the tourist area where you can experience an authentic, laid-back beach town. Rincon and Isabela made it to the top of our list.  You’ll have a different beach to explore every day for a week and a long list of attractions, interesting places to visit, and yes… more beaches to fall in love with along the west coast region. 

Isabela, Puerto Rico

Places to Go in Puerto Rico - Isabela

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Rincon, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Places to Go / Vacation - Rincon

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Top Romantic & Quiet Beach Destinations in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Just a few miles off the coast of Puerto Rico, you can enjoy the sleepy gorgeous islands of Isla de Vieques & Isla de Culebra. To sailors they are known as the Spanish Virgin Islands, for decades they were a secret destination for beach lovers seeking for quiet and uncrowded scenes with untouched natural beaches with perfect snorkeling conditions and magical natural attractions. Learn more about Vieques & Culebra.

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Map - Best Places to Stay & Vacation in Puerto Rico

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