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Punta Borinquen Beach - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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Punta Borinquen, a beach in the town of Aguadilla, on the west coast of Puerto Rico.   To see the natural blessings upon Punta Borinquen you have to make the walk to the east end, then back in the car to visit the west end.  Beachcombers will enjoy finding little treasures made of sea glass and shells.  Stop by a local bakery on the way and have a picnic by the sea…

Punta Borinquen - Aguadilla - Puerto Rico West Coast Beaches

The best time to see the beautiful hidden spots of Punta Borinquen is during the summer months in the low tide when the sea allows safe access to the caves on the east end.  Be sure to bring good non-slip shoes to find the caves.  There are no lifeguards like most public beaches in Puerto Rico, so enjoy with care and don’t come alone in case you need help.

Punta Borinquen Beach - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

During the winter months, the caves are claimed by the water coming in from strong waves and are typically not accessible or visible, and most definitely not safe to attempt to access.

At the west end of Punta Borinquen, you’ll find the ruins of Ruinas del Faro La Ponderosa “Ponderosa Lighthouse Ruins”,  which has always been a favorite spot for local photographers and a popular background for engagement photos.

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Facilities at Punta Borinquen Beach

  • There are a few picnic tables at the beach.
  • Free ample parking.  Use common travel sense when parking, and do not leave any valuables in your car.
  • Please dispose of trash in receptacles or take it with you in a bag, help us keep our beautiful beaches clean.
  • There are no bathroom facilities at the beach.
  • No food or services.
  • Bring everything you may need during your visit.

Safety Tips when visiting Punta Borinquen Beach

  • There are no lifeguards, you swim at your own risk.
  • This is not a swimming beach during the winter months, even during the summer the undercurrents can be dangerous.

Getting to Punta Borinquen Beach in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

  • On Road 107, across from the airport runway, you’ll see a road that cuts across the golf course, follow the road and make the first right.  If you were to keep going straight until the end, you’ll get to Wilderness Beach.

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Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Map - Punta Borinquen Beach

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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