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Guanica…A charming seaside town with quiet beaches, world-class scuba diving, and home to United Nations World Biosphere Reserve

Puerto Rico is one amazing place in the Caribbean.  For first-time visitors, it’s really surprising how a small island can have such diversity, the municipality of Guanica is one of those unique places.  You don’t hear much about Guanica on popular travel magazines or television channels, those that love the pleasures that Guanica offers, want to keep it that way.  This charming town is quiet and relaxed, travelers that enjoy exploring the unbeaten paths will enjoy Guanica, contrasting from tourist districts in San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico.  The main allure for visitors of Guanica is the rich natural treasures the entire family will enjoy exploring in complete serenity.  Couples seeking seclusion will reconnect in Guanica’s hiking trails, free of crowds, leading to breathtaking scenic spots.

Scuba Diving in Guanica

Guanica is one of the top scuba diving destinations in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  Guanica is among the most popular vacation destinations, but serious divers know about the “The Wall” in Guanica, a deep dive with excellent visibility, colorful healthy reefs, and abundant sea life.

Schedule a charter to dive the walls and explore the underwater caves of the famous La Pared (The Wall).  

Explore the Beaches in Guanica, Puerto Rico

Guanica is perhaps one of the unique beach destinations on the main island of Puerto Rico.  Hiking and nature lovers will enjoy the oceanside trails leading to secret beach coves with breathtaking untamed natural beauty.  The landscape along the coast of Guanica is unlike anywhere on the island since the beaches are part of subtropical dry forest and one of the best preserved in the world. 

Local’s favorite beaches are Playa Santa and Balneario Cerro Gordo, for their facilities and calmer water for swimming.  During the week Playa Santa and Cerro Gordo are pretty relaxed and empty.  The beaches on the nature reserve are practically empty year-round for those wishing to experience sublime peace and seclusion by the sea, during the summer months locals enjoy these beaches.  The best beaches on the nature reserve are Playa Tamarindo, best for bathing and boogie boarding. Playa Pelicano, a great place to relax, and Bahia de las Ballenas, where you can hike all the way to Playa Ballenas.  These are all protected beaches, free of development, part of the Guanica State Forest. 

Guanica Dry Forest

Visiting Guanica will give you bragging rights for visiting a UN World Biosphere Reserve.  Guanica is one of the best hiking destinations in Puerto Rico, offering about 12 trails along in interior of the mountains and along the pristine rugged coastline.  The hiking trails are of average difficulty to walk, some trails are good for families with children, just be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen, and bug repellent during the rain season.  Visit the office for information on guided tours.  You can hike on your own, the office has pamphlets with information on the trails. 

Cayo Aurora / Gilligan’s Island

The offshore cay of Cayo Aurora more commonly known as Gilligan’s Island is gaining popularity, the most perfect natural pool with crystalline waters perfect for families, excellent for swimming with good snorkeling even for small children. More about Gilligan’s Island / Cayo Aurora. 

Snorkeling in Guanica

Guanica is a great destination for families with children who wish to snorkel.  Gilligan’s Island is like a giant natural pool with shallow waters, perfect for children to learn how to snorkel in safe calm waters.  When the weather conditions are optimal, there is a reef at Playa Tamarindo.  Professional charters will be happy to take you to the best snorkeling spots in Guanica and nearby sites in Lajas.

Finca El Girasol

A romantic place to visit is Finca El Girasol, a 10-acre farm where bright yellow sunflowers are grown.  The blue skies and warm Puerto Rican Sun, contrast beautifully with thousands of sunflowers that seem to have a smile.  A donation of $2 per vehicle is requested.  Visitors can walk around the farm, enjoy the fresh air, scenic views and take home the perfect selfies to capture the memories.  Fresh-cut sunflowers are available for sale, a romantic gift for your loved one. Call 939-402-7967 for hours before visiting.  Visit their website

Explore the West

There are plenty more activities and points of interest to explore in the West Coast Region. You won’t run out of things to do, but you will certainly run out of time.