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Icacos Cay (Island) / Cayo Icacos - Puerto Rico

With just over an hour’s drive from San Juan to Las Croabas and other marinas in Fajardo, you can sail and explore Cayo Icacos with deserted beaches and nothing but white sand and perfect clear turquoise waters to snorkel and swim in.  Icacos Cay is among the top favorite day trips and tours by tourists in Puerto Rico, we think you’ll love it too (see popular and top-rated tours below).  After you return from your tour of Icacos, we recommend you stay in Fajardo to enjoy an unforgettable evening kayak or electric boat tour of the magical bioluminescent bay of Laguna Grande.

Popular Tours / Charters to Icacos Cay

Fajardo, Puerto Rico
  • Locations: Most charters to Icacos leave from Marina Puerto Chico, Villa Marina, or Puerto Del Rey Marina – all located in Fajardo.  See map at the end of the page.
  • Time: Tours can last from 3.5 hours up to 8.5 hours as shown below.  Check-in is typically a one-half hour before the tours start.
  • Cost for charter: Varies depending on the type and length of the excursion.  Some tours include transportation from hotels in San Juan and nearby tourist destinations.

Photo & Video Gallery - Icacos Cay

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Map - Cayo Icacos / Icacos Cay - Puerto Rico

Driving Time: 1 hour+ southeast from San Juan, but give yourself an extra 30 – 45 minutes just in case to allow for traffic.

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