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La Posita de Pinones - Best beaches near San Juan

 Go Off-Road on the Beach

One of the best beaches near the Airport

The capital city of San Juan offers fantastic beaches with vibrant city life that many seek to experience.  We encourage visitors to venture outside the city, the island offers hundreds of beaches that are quiet, and uncrowded with crystal clear water.  A short drive from San Juan, and just minutes from Isla Verde you can spend a great morning at La Posita, a long beach on the Atlantic side with few visitors during the winter months.

La Posita Beach - Loiza, Puerto Rico

A coral rock wall has created a long shallow pool protected from the strong surf, a great beach for families with small children, or those wishing to swim in calm water.

La Posita Beach - Loiza, Puerto Rico

Fun Beach Tours near Posita de Piñones

Romantic couples seeking a more intimate beach spot will enjoy visiting during quiet weekdays from fall to spring.  This beach is great for listening to the sounds of the waves crashing against the rock wall and perfect for relaxing swim/float on the calm water.  During weekends, holiday weekends, and summer months, La Posita is a popular beach spot for local families so expect more crowds.

La Posita Beach - Loiza, Puerto Rico

For visitors not wanting to travel/drive much while staying in the city, La Posita is a nice beach to experience the more laid-back side of the island.  A bike ride from Isla Verde is a fun way to get there…

La Posita Beach - Loiza, Puerto Rico

There are a few shaded spots under young palm trees.

La Posita Beach - Loiza, Puerto Rico

To add to the fun, you can watch planes fly over La Posita Beach… and relax knowing you still have more time to enjoy the pleasures of the Caribbean in Puerto Rico.

We travel the island to bring you the best of Puerto Rico, this travel guide was the first to include La Posita Beach on the “Best beaches in Puerto Rico” list; since then we’ve received many comments from readers, a few have one question in common…” where on the island can I find more beaches like this?”  Here are many more

La Posita Beach - Loiza, Puerto Rico

Food at La Posita Beach – Loiza, Puerto Rico

Be sure to stop at a gas station or grocery store for snacks, sunblock, and plenty of drinks, not all the kiosks across the street may be open.   Kiosks are primarily open during weekends, summers (local’s high season), and holiday weekends.

Across the street from the beach and further east, there are food kiosks serving traditional fried food and drinks at very reasonable non-tourist trap prices.  These kiosks are part of the popular Piñones featured on the Travel Channel and other Food Shows.  Piñones is well known by locals with a number of popular “chinchorros” a term used for places to get a quick bite with friends and move on to the next to taste something else.  The shops are very simple, many are built with recycled materials, and the focus is food and a friendly atmosphere.  Visitors that prefer traditional restaurants and fine dining won’t find it at Piñones.

Keep in mind that this is a “public” beach, there are no lifeguards or regular cleaning of the beach.

Please help us keep La Posita beautiful by taking the trash with you and never leaving it on the beach. 

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Loiza, Puerto Rico

Map - La Posita Beach - Loiza, Puerto Rico

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