We are currently updating the photos on this page. We hope you come back for updates.  For now, check out the best things to do on the west coast of Puerto Rico

Lajas, a small town with so much to offer to visitors that love nature, fishing, sailing, and getting to know the real island.  Located on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico near the towns of San German and Guanica. A day trip to Lajas offers many opportunities for exploration.  Drive through the countryside to see small rolling hills, rice and pineapple farms.

Head to La Parguera for delicious traditional treats such as empanadillas, surrullitos, and the freshest local seafood. Hire a tour guide to take you scuba diving, snorkeling, deep fishing, seeing the mangrove channels, and jump into the clear waters of Caracoles and Mata La Gata Islands.  At night La Parguera attracts locals to pubs with live music and lots of food.

Mata La Gata Cay

This little cay takes picnicking to another level, although simple, it offers visitors picnic facilities with 360-degree scenic views, a natural pool, and hideaway spots for those that prefer more solitude. Learn more of Mata La Gata.

Bioluminescent Bay

Lajas was blessed with two bioluminescent bays, experiencing this phenomenon is a must for every visitor while in Puerto Rico.  The bio bay in Lajas is best experienced on moonless nights and by kayak.  More about the bioluminescent bay in Lajas.

Piscina Rosada

A really fun concept, a man-made pool right on the Caribbean Sea.  The shores of Lajas are framed by mangroves, so officially there are no beaches in Lajas, the waters are gorgeous, so the concept of a pool was created and it is a must-visit.  More about Playita Rosada in Lajas, Puerto Rico.

Caracoles Cay

Caracoles is known for its shallow and clear water, excellent for swimming and snorkeling, however, there is no place to sit or stand, making it a popular spot for boaters and water taxi stops. The best time to visit is during the winter months through early spring on weekdays, with the least crowds.  More about Caracoles Cay.

Laguna Cartagena

Laguna Cartagena is a nature reserve, one of the few fresh water lagoons in Puerto Rico.  Although not the body of water that it once was, US Fish & Wildlife is has taken on the challenge to improve the lagoon to create a better habitat for migratory and aquatic birds. Visit for a nice hike and birdwatching. Download brochure.

Houses on the Water

One of the unique characteristics of Lajas is found along the coast of La Parguera, small colorful homes that were built during the mid-1900s still remain.  Many are still owned by modest families and some were sold to professionals that escape to Porta del Sol to have a break from the city.  Take a water taxi to admire them.

Tours, Charters & Services for the Visitor
There are various friendly tour operators ready to take you for a day adventure to the pretty offshore little islands of Lajas. Tours are inexpensive, just $5 – $10 per person round trip, bring cash.  The scenic boat ride is about 10 minutes. We recommend you book a tour in advance or you may just show up to La Parguera to book it, you will see tour guides walking around offering their services.

Boat rentals are also available giving you the freedom to see the islands at your own pace and go “island-hopping” at La Parguera Nature Reserve.  You will have various options to get there; you may rent a motorboat, share a boat taxi ride or you can go on an eco-guided kayak tour.

Tour Operators

  • Johnny’s Boats – Phone # (787) 460-8922 or (787) 299-2212
  • Torres Boats – Phone # (787) 396-2089
  • Cancel Boats – Phone # (787) 899-5891
  • Aleli Tours – Phone # (787) 899-6086 or (787) 390-6086   Kayak rentals and kayak tours
  • Excurions EcoBoriken  – Phone # (787) 951-0683 – Kayak Tours