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One of the Best Surfing Beaches in Puerto Rico

Playa Domes / Domes Beach - Rincon, Puerto Rico

Domes, also known as the Lighthouse Beach, is one of the most popular beaches in Rincon.  Great surfing wave action all year, winter months being the best time to surf.   The easy access and convenient parking make Domes Beach a popular spot to watch the sunset and for loungers wishing to enjoy the sound of the waves and watch surfers till the end of the day to the golden glow of the sunset.

Playa Domes / Domes Beach - Rincon, Puerto Rico

Various surfing events such as the Corona Pro Surf Circuit are held at Domes Beach attracting surfers across the island and around the world.

With the number of surfing beaches in Rincon, popular does not mean crowded, even on a “busy day” you’ll find plenty of shade and sand to relax in peace.  Domes is not the best beach for swimming, there are no lifeguards at the beach, and the bottom is rocky.  Keep in mind that there are no bathrooms at Domes Beach, be sure to use them after dining at one of the restaurants nearby.

Playa Domes / Domes Beach - Rincon, Puerto Rico

Visitors of the Punta Higüero Lighthouse Park can enjoy sweeping views of Domes beach to the north, have a drink at the casual outdoor bar, and watch humpback whales during the winter months.  If you’re wondering, this beach was named Domes after the dome of the old nuclear plant that sits just behind the beach.

Playa Domes / Domes Beach - Rincon, Puerto Rico

Couples and families like to come down to Domes to take a short walk on the beach at sunset, or a longer hike head north to Spanish Wall with views and trail all the way to Pools Beach.

Be sure to stay a little longer to watch the sunset…

Playa Domes / Domes Beach - Rincon, Puerto Rico

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