The prettiest natural pool in Puerto Rico

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From the coastal Rt. 466, you’ll find the entrance to Playa Pozo Teodoro, a narrow dirt road leading to the parking area just steps from the beach.

The first thing you’ll see are the golden sand dunes, please help us protect them by walking on the designated beach path.

What is first noticed at this hidden gem is how the waves break over the rock formations and flood into an almost perfect circle.  The beach area is very wide, the sand is soft to the feet with a bright golden color.

Depending on the season and surf, the scenery, depth of the pool, and rhythm of the water changes.   Depending on the time of the day and skies, the water tones range from clear like glass, to baby blue and turquoise to emerald green.

Every time we visit, it is a different wonderful experience.

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Water pools into a shallow basin of sand, perfect for young ones to frolic.

Look past the pool to watch the waves curl over book-end rocks that separate to create a doorway to the ocean.  As the rocks buffer the crash of surf, the ocean’s liquid flows into little rivulets down the rock wall.

The west wall of Pozo Teodoro is fascinating for those that love sights of waterfalls, waves crashing and the feel of cool ocean spray on their skin.   This is a great spot to place your lounge chair for a while, and allowing the wonder of the ocean to renew and heal the spirit.

Waves tumble onto the wall, depending on the force, water gently falls…a few seconds later…it rushes down forcefully creating a more melodious symphony.

Ah, to set up a nice beach chair, a large umbrella for shade, a nearby cooler of chilled refreshments, and spend the day soaking up precious contentment.

Romantics will enjoy the pleasures of a secluded beach. From late fall to early spring, you may have the beach all to yourself. The following image is not a magazine photoshoot… this is just a regular day in Isabela.

When storms/hurricanes move across the north coast of Puerto Rico, during winter months and when storms approach, Pozo Teodoro’s water becomes more active and possibly dangerous.  Unlike the calm and shallow waters of the summer months, the water can have more currents, at some parts the “pool”, water comes in from both directions, it can be tricky to get out even though it is not very deep.  If that is the case, it is advised to simply enjoy the water at the edges and the breathtaking sights.

Best Times to Visit Pozo Teodoro – Isabela, Puerto Rico

As previously mentioned…from late spring to late fall, the waves hit the wall more gently, the pool are is smaller, and the water is more still.  During periods throughout the summer months, you may find the pool to be smaller and very shallow…at times almost empty.  

During the winter months, Playa Pozo Teodoro becomes a non-stop entertaining wave crashing show.  The sounds of the ocean waves, the salty mist in the air, make this experience more exciting than fireworks.

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