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Taxis and Uber

If you choose not to rent a car, taxis, and now Uber too, is good and fairly inexpensive ways of getting around Puerto Rico, especially around the tourist zones in San Juan.  You can either wave one down on the street or call one by phone (see the directory below) and they’ll take you anywhere in Puerto Rico.  You can also ask the concierge at your hotel for a list of recommended taxis in the area.

Tourist taxis have fixed tourism zone rates and are painted white with a “Taxi Turístico” logo-label on the door.  Taxis authorized by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company are available for non-tourist areas as well.  Some areas have fixed rates from San Juan and some are metered.  More taxi information & fixed rates for San Juan tourism zones.

Research has revealed that Uber and taxi fares in Puerto Rico between locations and vacation destinations average $2.00+ per mile one way (15% gratuity included).  Typically, there are additional charges as follows: Passenger(s) must pay any road tolls, $1.00 per piece of luggage, an extra $1.00 per trip between 10 pm and 6 am, and at times a gas surcharge of a dollar or more.

Puerto Rico Tourism Company Base & Metered Taxi Rates

The following reflects base rates only from San Juan to towns & cities and subject to change

Adjuntas $147.00 Florida $90.00 Naranjito $72.00
Aguada $150.00 Guánica $155.00 Orocovis $95.00
Aguadilla $140.00 Guayama $95.00 Patillas $95.00
Aguas Buenas $57.00 Guayanilla $150.00 Peñuelas $140.00
Aibonito $88.00 Guaynabo $31.00 Piñones Metered
Añasco $145.00 Gurabo $69.00 Ponce $125.00
Arecibo $96.00 Hatillo $100.00 Quebradillas $115.00
Arroyo $103.00 Hormigueros $175.00 Rincón $155.00
Barceloneta $80.00 Humacao $77.00 Río Grande $63.00
Barranquitas $88.00 Isabela $125.00 Río Piedras Metered
Bayamón $33.00 Jayuya $135.00 Sabana Grande $165.00
Cabo Rojo $175.00 Juana Díaz $110.00 Salinas $97.00
Caguas $55.00 Juncos $65.00 San Juan Metered
Camuy $110.00 Lajas $170.00 San Germán $160.00
Canóvanas $46.00 Lares $105.00 San Lorenzo $65.00
Carolina Metered Las Marías $140.00 San Sebastián $125.00
Cataño $28.00 Las Piedras $75.00 Santa Isabel $105.00
Cayey $70.00 Loíza $50.00 Toa Alta $50.00
Ceiba $80.00 Luquillo $72.00 Toa Baja $50.00
Ciales $85.00 Manatí $70.00 Trujillo Alto $28.00
Cidra $75.00 Maricao $160.00 Utuado $115.00
Coamo $100.00 Maunabo $100.00 Vega Alta $55.00
Comerio $75.00 Mayagüez $160.00 Vega Baja $65.00
Corozal $69.00 Moca $130.00 Villalba $123.00
Dorado $60.00 Morovis $75.00 Yabucoa $91.00
Fajardo $80.00 Naguabo $85.00 Yauco $155.00


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Interactive Puerto Rico Taxi Company Finder

Towns, Cities (Municipalities)Company NamePhone Number(s)
AguadillaAA Aguadilla Taxi(787) 318-9546
AguadillaMega Taxi Aguadilla(787) 819-1235
AreciboArecibo Taxi Cab(787) 878-2929
AreciboDe Diego Taxi(787) 878-1050
AreciboPlaza del Norte Taxi(787) 879-2393
BayamónCooperativa de Taxis de Bayamón(787) 780-1519
Cabo Rojo - BoqueronCaborrojena Taxi Line(787) 851-1252
CaguasBoagame Taxi de Caguas, Inc.(787) 744-6666
CarolinaEstacionas y Vuelas(787) 727-0000
CarolinaRoyal Star Transportation(787) 253-2355
CayeyCayey Metro Taxi(787) 738-8001
CayeyCayey Taxi Inc.(787) 738-4344 / (787) 738-4343
CeibaA1 East Coast Taxi(787) 513-7685
CeibaCeiba Taxi(787) 513-7685
Condado, San JuanAstro Taxi(787) 727-8889
Condado, San JuanCastillo Taxi(787) 449-4394
Condado, San JuanFirst Class Chauffeurs(787) 725-3990
Condado, San JuanLinea Yaucana(787) 725-4393
Condado, San JuanMajor Taxi Cabs(787) 723-2460
Culebra IslandExpress Transportation787-972-0928
Culebra IslandKiko's Transportation787-648-5863
FajardoA1 East Coast Taxi(787) 513-7685
FajardoExcapes Taxi Services(787) 435-2345
FajardoFajardo Taxi(787) 513-7685
FajardoNetard Taxi(787) 863-7600
GuraboGurabo Taxi(787) 737-5555
HatilloPlaza del Norte Taxi(787) 879-2393
HumacaoHumacao Taxi(787) 852-6880
HumacaoHumacao Transport(787) 285-4323
HumacaoMadera & Son's VIP Taxi(787) 864-6739
HumacaoOriental Taxi(787) 852-0000
Isla Verde, CarolinaJC Taxi Service(787) 603-2362
Lajas - La PargueraLajena Taxi Line(787) 899-1553
Las PiedrasLas Piedras Taxi Cab(787) 733-0332
LevittownAsociación de Dueños de Taxis(787) 795-5286
LuquilloA1 East Coast Taxi(787) 513-7685
LuquilloLuquillo Taxi & Tours(787) 513-7685
LuquilloNortheast Taxi Service(787) 554-1852
LuquilloRio Grande Taxis(787) 967-4119
MayagüezCity Taxi(787) 265-1992
MayagüezMayagüez Taxi(787) 832-0563 / (787) 832-0562
MayagüezMr. Special Taxi(787) 832-1115
MayagüezNew Mayaguez Taxi Line(787) 833-1233
MayagüezSultan Taxi Line(787) 832-2502
MayagüezTaxi Western Bank(787) 832-0563
Ocean Park, San JuanDavila's Taxi(787) 960-0903
Ocean Park, San JuanPuerto Rico Tourist Taxi(787) 969-3260
Ocean Park, San JuanPuerto Rico With Ray Taxi & Tours(787) 513-9518
Old San JuanF&V Tansport(787) 647-4948
PónceAbolition Taxi Cab(787) 812-8353
PónceAtlantic City Taxi(787) 268-2490
PónceBest Union Taxi Cab(787) 840-9126
PónceBorinquen Taxi Cab(787) 843-6100 / (787) 843-6000
PónceCooperativa de Taxis(787) 848-8248 / (787) 848-8249
PónceCooperative Taxis(787) 848-8249
PóncePonce Taxi(787) 842-3370 / (787) 840-0088
PónceUnion Taxi Cab(787) 840-9126
RincónAA Taxi Services(787) 823-0454
RincónAguadilla Taxi(787) 318-9546
RincónFeliciano Taxi(787) 312-4655
RincónLeave the Driving to Me(787) 505-3468
RincónYvette Gonzalez Taxi Service(787) 408-7295
Río GrandeA1 East Coast Taxi(787) 513-7685
Río GrandeManny Tours & Taxi Services(787) 615-2879
Río GrandeNitrous Taxi(787) 515-6900
Río GrandeRío Grande Taxi Services(787) 967-4119
Río GrandeTabonuco Taxi Services(787) 518-4038
Rio PiedrasLost Tours Taxi Services(787) 398-6441
San GermanSan German Taxi Line(787) 892-1076
San JuanAA American Taxi, Inc.(787) 982-3466
San JuanAAA Metro-Taxi Cab, Inc.(787) 945-5555
San JuanAstro Taxi(787) 727-8888
San JuanCapetillo Radio Taxi(787) 758-7000
San JuanCooperativa de Servicio Capetillo Taxi(787) 758-7000 / (787) 758-7004
San JuanCooperativa Rochdale Radio Taxi(787) 721-1900
San JuanLínea Caborrojeña(787) 723-9155
San JuanMajor Cab Company(787) 723-2460
San JuanMajor Cooperative Taxi Cabs(787) 722-4397
San JuanMichael Taxi Service(787) 661-9694
San JuanPuerto Rico Shuttle Van Services & Tours(787) 549-6058
San JuanRochdale Cab Company(787) 721-1900
San JuanSan Juan Metro Taxis(787) 725-2870
San JuanSantana Taxi Service(787) 562-9836
San JuanTaxivan San Juan(787) 645-8294
San LorenzoSamaritano Taxi(787) 736-2323
Toa BajaPuerto Rico Luxury Transportation(787) 433-2291
Vieques Island741-Taxi(787) 741-8294
Vieques IslandVieques Taxi Service(787) 313-0599 / (787) 385-2318
YaucoRamos Oliveras Line(787) 856-1160
YaucoYauco Taxi(787) 267-5666

Public Bus System

If you’re staying in the metro area, Puerto Rico’s AMA (Metropolitan Bus Authority) offers various routes in the metro area.  Each ride is typically only 50 cents.

See San Juan Bus Routes Page and Map


Various towns in Puerto Rico have trolleys offering tours of the main attractions i.e. Old San Juan, Rincon.

Old San Juan’s trolley is always looping around the city and it’s free of charge making stops along with the main attractions.

Publico system

The public system is used by locals and can also advantageous for budget-savvy tourists. At the center of each town, there is a publico station.  The fees and routes are typically negotiable and a little cheaper than Taxi Turistico rates. However, vehicles are usually a lot older. But with some planning, you can pretty much get where you need to go.  You will need some basic Spanish to use the publico system since many of the drivers do not speak English; however, most drivers in the San Juan / Metro area speak English.

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