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If you love nature and cycling, Puerto Rico is your destination. Cycling is a serious sport in Puerto Rico, with hundreds of miles of coastline and beautiful nature reserves, and wildlife refuges offering excellent scenic trails for every skill level.  There are various bicycle rental agencies on the main island and on the islands of Vieques and Culebra.

Cycling in the San Juan / Metro Area of Puerto Rico

San Juan, Capital City of Puerto Rico

San Juan is a wonderful destination for cycling and a good way to get around the city.  The districts of Condado, Old San Juan, and Ocean Park are all bicycle-friendly offering designated cycling paths.   The best part about cycling in the city of San Juan is the easy access to a diverse amount of interesting attractions and activities along the way with spectacular views along the bicycle routes. More about bicycling in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Pinones Trail / Paseo Tablado de Pinones

If you’re staying in the San Juan metro area, head over to Paseo Piñones (location on map below) – a favorite spot for bicycling and walking just a few minutes east of Isla Verde. Located along Route PR-187, you can ride the 11 km, 6.8 mile scenic trails and boardwalks with the conveniences of parking areas, picnic gazebos, restaurants and an information center.  Ride along the scenic coastline and through the Pinones state mangrove forest. It’s a beautiful nature area great for taking photos. You can rent a bicycle at the Paseo Pinones Information Center, it is handicap friendly, and the boardwalk is used by both walking and bicycling.

Cycling on the West Coast Region of Puerto Rico

Isabela, Puerto Rico

Along Route 466, walkers, joggers and cyclists can amble the attractive coastal boardwalk.  Unlike popular boardwalks on the mainland USA, the focus here is natural beauty.  You won’t find crowds or a busy business stretch; this is a place to unwind with the natural allure of the Isabela coastline.  More about Isabela, Puerto Rico.

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

An excellent destination for cycling and nature lovers is the town of Cabo Rojo, located on the southwest corner of Puerto Rico.  Cabo Rojo has various natural wildlife refuges with marked trails.  Ride along the red salt flats, leading all the way to Los Morrillos Lighthouse, the most scenic attraction on the island.  You can enjoy about 100 miles of gorgeous nature trails leading all the way to Lajas, some very easy for beginners and some very challenging for the more advanced.   The scene on the southwest point is gorgeous, ride through lush flora that includes a variety of plants including tall cactus and mangrove forests.  Observe hundreds of bird species and refresh at gorgeous beaches.  Trails include dirt roads, beach trails, single tracks, salt flats, down and up hills, and more.  On the weekends you may find organized riders.

Guanica, Puerto Rico

A nice location to mountain bike is in the coastal town of Guanica along scenic Route 333.  The coastal trail inside the Guanica Dry Forest is a gorgeous scenic route, just be sure to bring plenty of water, sunblock, and snacks, it is a long trail.   See map location below.  

Cycling on the East Coast Region of Puerto Rico

Isla de Vieques (Island of Puerto Rico)

Another great destination for bicycling is the offshore island of Isla de Vieques in the Vieques Natural Wildlife Refuge (see map location below).  Enjoy a number of scenic trails and the most secluded beaches of Puerto Rico.  The island is small, the perfect destination to get around by bike.  

Map of Best Cycling Destinations in Puerto Rico

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