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Puerto Rico North Region - Best Things to Do

The north region of Puerto Rico has some pretty awesome beaches, but the main attractions are nestled in the karst region, both included on our Best Things to do in Puerto Rico list.  To see all the top tourist attractions on the north side of Puerto Rico, you’ll need at least two days, but in just one day, you’ll easily visit 4 amazing places.  Following we have provided you with suggested itineraries to help you plan a great day trip to the north region of Puerto Rico.

Best Places to Explore on the North Region

Puerto Rico

Camuy River Cave Park / Parque Las Cavernas del Rio Camuy 

Puerto Rico North Coast Top Attractions

This is the most impressive natural wonder in the north region of Puerto Rico.  If you have children, they will love the adventure as soon as they step on the trolley down to the cavern.  Don’t miss visiting the Camuy River Cave Park, this day will be one of the highlights of your vacation in Puerto Rico.

Fun Fact: The sounds of the bats in Batman Forever were filmed here.

Cueva del Indio & Seven Arches – Arecibo, PR

Cueva del Indio - Arecibo - Puerto Rico North Region

A place so spectacular, it was one of the locations for the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean.  If you want a place with a wow factor, this is a natural wonder you don’t want to miss.  There are two attractions in this location, Cueva del Indio (Indian’s Cave) and Siete Arcos (Seven Arches).   Cueva del Indio is an important archeological treasure, the cave contains a large number of petroglyphs drawn by Taino aboriginals that date back to the 1400s or earlier.

Fun Fact:  This natural wonder was the location for the filming of scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean, Perfect Getaway, Runner Runner, and Treasure Island.

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Arecibo Observatory – Arecibo, PR

Arecibo Observatory - Best things to do in North Region of Puerto Rico

Arecibo Observatory was the largest radio telescope in the world until a few years ago when a bigger one was built in China.   Sadly, the telescope collapsed on December 1, 2022.  The telescope was nestled in the gorgeous karst region in the town of Arecibo, you’ll drive up high into the mountains until you get to one of the most important scientific structures in the world.  In March of this year 2022, the Arecibo Observatory re-opened its doors to those who wish to visit the Museum & Visitor Center.

Fun Fact: If you’re a James Bond fan, you’ll be trilled, a scene was filmed here.  Another Hollywood hit also filmed a scene from the movie Contact, see the clips on the attractions page.

Pozo del Obispo – Arecibo, PR

Pozo del Obispo Beach - Puerto Rico North Coast - Best places to visit

For a refreshing end to your day, visit the tiny beautiful beach of Pozo del Obispo.  if you don’t want to visit the beach, take the kids to the Arecibo Lighthouse Park.

Dinner:  Head over to Salitre, the nicest restaurant on the Arecibo coast.  You’ll like the outdoor terrace in the back, more casual with the added show of the sunset over the Atlantic.  Puerto Ricans tend to dress a little more dressy but tourists are welcome to dine in casual clothes.  Located on Km. 3.8, PR-681.

Cueva Ventana (Window Cave) – Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Cueva Ventana - Top attractions on the north region of Puerto Rico

Temporarily Closed – A popular place to visit with the whole family.  Hike through the forest, explore caves, and caverns and end the adventure at the breathtaking “cave window” with gorgeous views of the green valley.  You can drive on your own and purchase tickets that include a guided tour or book a tour that will take care of all the details.

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Puerto RicoBest Things to Do in Puerto Rico  ⏐ Puerto Rico North Region

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