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Swim on the Glowing Waters of La Parguera

The west coast has always been the most popular vacation destination for Puerto Ricans, which says how special the region is.  On the west coast, you can vacation in beach towns where a relaxed laid back island life is evident in the way people live, laugh, eat, and dance.  On the west coast, tourists become travelers and workaholics start rethinking their way of life.  The natural treasures to explore are numerous.  

We, the owners of this guide, happily live on the west coast, and we are proudly sharing the beauty of the places we love and know so well.  After exploring the western region, you may find yourself dreaming of buying a second home after you get a taste of island life.  We have created a list of places that include the town of Guanica on the southwest to Isabela on the northwest and then up into the mountains.  The list of attractions and places is long, following we share our favorite attractions and places to visit on the west coast region.

Best Places to Visit - West Coast Region

Puerto Rico

La Parguera Nature Reserve – Lajas

La Parguera - Lajas - Best Places to Visit in Puerto Rico - West Coast

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Top Rated Accommodations in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Top Rated Tours to Cabo Rojo & Nearby

Gilligan’s Island / Cayo Aurora

Gilligan's Island - Puerto Rico West Coast - Best Places to Visit

Cascadas Gozalandia – San Sebastian

Gozalandia Waterfalls - San Sebastian - Best Places to Visit in Puerto Rico - West Region

Top Rated Tours to Gozalandia Waterfalls

The Natural Pools of Isabela

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Isabela, Puerto Rico

Porta Coeli Convent Museum in San German

Porta Coeli - Best Attractions on the west region of Puerto Rico

Guajataca Tunnel, River & Beach

Guajataca Tunnel - Best things to do / places to visit - West Puerto Rico

Top Tours to Guajataca, Puerto Rico

Punta Higuero Lighthouse, Rincon

Punta Higuero Lighthouse - Best places to visit in west region of Puerto Rico

Natural Bridge in Cabo Rojo

Natural Bridge - Cabo Rojo - Puerto Rico best things to do / places to visit

The Guanica State Forest & Biosphere Reserve

The Guanica State Forest - Best attractions in Puerto Rico's West Region

Plaza de Colon in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Plaza de Colon - Mayaguez - Best places to visit in West Coast Region of Puerto Rico

Best Beaches on the West Coast

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Beaches - Best on the West Coast

Surprise your loved one with a Romantic Horseback Ride in Isabela

The West is the best when it comes to beaches in Puerto Rico… from perfect surfing conditions to dreamy crystal clear water, there’s a beach for everyone to love. 

The west coast of Puerto Rico is an exciting beach destination, offering visitors weeks’ worth of adventure and relaxation in the water.  If beaches are a priority on your vacation, the west coast may be the best vacation destination for you on the main island of Puerto Rico.  The diversity in beaches is impressive from world-class surfing beaches to calm swimming beach coves, to crystal clear waters on offshore cays.

The high season on the west coast is during the summer months.  For vacationers escaping the cold, it means you can enjoy most of these amazing beaches without crowds on weekdays.  Whether you’re a surfer traveling with a group of friends, a honeymooner dreaming of romantic beach scenes, or a family seeking a memorable vacation, the west coast is an excellent destination.

Following are the best beaches on the west coast.

La Playuela “Playa Sucia” – Cabo Rojo

La Playuela / Playa Sucia - Best beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico

Cabo Rojo.  Cabo Rojo has many beaches, but if you’re visiting as a day trip, head to La Playuela, best known as Playa Sucia.  A visit here is an all-day adventure with nearby attractions and natural activities that include Los Morrillos lighthouse, hiking trails, salt flats, a bird sanctuary, offshore fishing, and an observation tower.  Playa Sucia is located on a nature reserve, there are no facilities, so you’ll have to bring everything you’ll need throughout the day.  Plan on spending a full morning or afternoon visiting the area and enjoying all the attractions it offers.  Note: During certain times of the year, La Playuela gets a lot of sargassum, which we always see the most during a full moon and summer months.  If there is too much sargassum to enjoy the beach, head to Playa El Combate or Boqueron Beach.

Playa Buye – Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Pozo Teodoro – Isabela, Puerto Rico

Pozo Teodoro - Isabela - Best beaches in the the west coast of Puerto Rico

Pozo Teodoro is a beautiful gem on the west, a peaceful spot where you can pass the time watching the waves crash, relaxing on the water, and beachcombing for shells.  The beach is wide, sand is soft and golden honey.  Playa Pozo Teodoro changes in size daily, at times the pool is deep and at times very shallow, the best times to visit are from September til May.   

Crash Boat Beach – Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Crash Boat Beach - Aguadilla - Best beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico

Playa Escalera aka Steps Beach – Rincon

Steps Beach - Beaches in West Coast - Rincon, Puerto Rico

Steps Beach is one of a kind, loved by locals and frequent visitors of Rincon, a beach where you can surf, snorkel, relax in intimate romantic spots, and watch the breathtaking sunsets of the west.  Steps Beach, part of the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve boasts a healthy coral reef with abundant sea life including sea turtles and a healthy elkhorn garden.  The vibe is relaxed, there’s a food truck at the beach, easy access to the beach, and parking.  Before you head to Steps Beach, be sure to read our guide to learn the best times to visit and what to expect. 

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Jobos Beach – Isabela

Jobos Beach - Best Surfing Beaches in Puerto Rico

Come to Jobos for great surfing, good food, and to make new friends.   Jobos is the most popular beach in Isabela for locals in the area, and you’re invited to come and spend a fun day under the sun.  If you wish to enjoy the beach and dine beachfront, Jobos is the spot.  Jobos Beach is one of the most popular surfing beaches in Puerto Rico with wave action all year round.  Jobos is not your typical touristy beach, it is real, authentic, island vibes where visitors can have a real cultural experience.  During the surfing season, you’ll find a good mix of locals and surfers from around the world riding the waves.   

Playa El Pastillo – Isabela, Puerto Rico

Playa El Pastillo - One of  the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico

Domes Beach, Rincon

Domes Beach - Best beaches in the west coast of Puerto Rico

Domes is one of Puerto Rico’s best surfing beaches.  Although not the best beach for bathing, it offers beachgoers an entertaining view of surfers, breathtaking sunsets, relaxation, and a great starting point for a romantic walk along the Rincon coastline.  Access is really convenient, there’s plenty of parking and nearby beachside restaurants.

Balneario de Rincon (Rincon Beach) – Rincon

Sunset at Balneario de Rincon (Rincon Beach) - One of the best beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico

Balneario de Rincon, also known as Rincon Beach is an active beach, family-friendly with easy access.   Rincon Beach is safe for swimming, and beach lovers can enjoy a number of activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling.  This beach is a wonderful place to visit before the day ends, there are a few places near the beach where you can get drinks, then pick a spot to enjoy the wonderful sunsets of Rincon.  

Playa Peña Blanca – Aguadilla

Playa Peña Blanca Beach - Best Beaches / Things to Do - Beaches on the west coast of Puerto Rico

If you’re vacationing on the west coast of Puerto Rico during the summer months, be sure to bring your snorkel gear to Playa Peña Blanca, you may spot gorgeous sea turtles.  Playa Peña is a little difficult to find, and parking is limited along a narrow street, so get here during the week early morning or super early on the weekend during the summer months.   Please note that there is no beach during the winter months and the water is too rough to safely swim. 

Sandy Beach – Rincon

Beaches in Puerto Rico - Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is synonymous with good times at the beach… whether you love to surf, wish to learn or just simply love to watch, Sandy Beach is a great spot.  Just steps from the beach you can dine and have delicious drinks at Tamboo Bar, one of the most popular beach bars in Puerto Rico, a winner of Best Caribbean Beach in the Caribbean; there are more dining options within walking distance.  There are plenty of affordable accommodations at Sandy Beach from budget vacation rentals to cozy small inns.  

Top Rated Tours on the West Region

Puerto Rico

Resorts on the West Coast

Puerto Rico

Royal Isabela

Isabela, Puerto Rico

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