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Puerto Rico ZIp Codes Map by Municipality

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Looking for Puerto Rico Zip Codes & Area Codes?  We’ve created an easy-to-use guide with facts, an image map, and a sortable/searchable table with all zip codes and area codes for all towns and cities in Puerto Rico.

Commonly asked questions include “what is the zip code for Puerto Rico…the area code?” or “what is the zip code for San Juan, Puerto Rico?”  Well, it’s not a quick and easy answer.  There are currently 176 postal codes used in Puerto Rico among its 78 municipalities, which resemble counties in the United States.  “Mainland” Puerto Rico utilizes 174 zip codes.  There are also 2 separate zip codes for the offshore islands of Vieques and Culebra – which brings the total to 176.  San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, is also a municipality, and it alone has 36 postal codes.  The United States Postal Service (USPS) controls and delivers the mail in Puerto Rico – just as it does in the U.S.  USPS zip code classifications or “Types” include Standard, P.O. Box, or Unique (to an organization or company) and appear in the table below as well.

The primary telephone and mobile/cellphone area codes of Puerto Rico are 787 and 939, respectively.  939 was added mainly to facilitate so many new mobile phone users.  Like the United States, the country code is “+1”, (i.e. 1+787+###+####).  Calling Puerto Rico is no different from calling out-of-state from within the United States (same as calling California from New York).

Below you’ll find an interactive table we developed that hopefully, you’ll find useful for looking up zip codes and/or area codes for cities, towns, municipalities, and more in Puerto Rico (or vice versa).  To find the information you’re looking for, you can (1) use the “Search:” box located at the top right of the table below and enter a location, zip code, etc., or (2) you can sort any column you wish by simply clicking on the column heading.  The table defaults to display 25 rows of data “entries” per page.  If desired, you can change this setting at the top left of the table to show more or fewer rows.

Interactive Puerto Rico Zip Code & Area Code Table

City / TownAlias(es)MunicipalityZip CodeTypeArea Code(s)
AdjuntasAdjuntas00601Standard787 or 939
AguadaAguada00602Standard787 or 939
AguadillaAguadilla00605P.O. Box
AguadillaRameyAguadilla00604P.O. Box
Aguas BuenasAguas Buenas00703Standard787
AngelesUtuado00611P.O. Box
AreciboArecibo00613P.O. Box
AreciboArecibo00614P.O. Box
AreciboArecibo00612Standard787 or 939
ArroyoArroyo00714Standard787 or 939
BayamonBayamon00959Standard787 or 939
BayamonBayamon00960P.O. Box
BayamonBayamon00957Standard787 or 939
BayamonBayamon00958P.O. Box
BayamonBayamon00956Standard787 or 939
BayamonBayamon00961Standard787 or 939
BoqueronCabo Rojo00622Standard787
Cabo RojoCabo Rojo00623Standard787
CaguasCaguas00726P.O. Box
CaguasCaguas00725Standard787 or 939
CaguasCaguas00727Standard787 or 939
CarolinaIsla VerdeCarolina00983Standard787
CarolinaIsla VerdeCarolina00979Standard787
CarolinaIsla VerdeCarolina00981P.O. Box
CarolinaCarolina00984P.O. Box
CarolinaIsla VerdeCarolina00982Standard787 or 939
CarolinaIsla VerdeCarolina00985Standard787 or 939
CarolinaCarolina00986P.O. Box
CarolinaCarolina00988P.O. Box
CarolinaIsla VerdeCarolina00987Standard787 or 939
CastanerAdjuntasLares00631P.O. Box
CatañoCataño00963P.O. Box
CayeyCayey00737P.O. Box
CayeyCayey00736Standard787 or 939
CeibaRoosevelt Rds, Roosevelt RoadsCeiba00735Standard787
Coto LaurelPoncePonce00780Standard787 or 939
CulebraCulebra00775P.O. Box
FajardoFajardo00738Standard787 or 939
FloridaFlorida00650Standard787 or 939
Fort BuchananGuaynabo00934Standard787
GuayamaGuayama00785P.O. Box
GuayamaGuayama00784Standard787 or 939
GuaynaboGuaynabo00968Standard788 or 939
GuaynaboGuaynabo00966Standard787 or 939
GuaynaboGuaynabo00971Standard787 or 939
GuaynaboGuaynabo00969Standard789 or 939
GuaynaboGuaynabo00970P.O. Box
HumacaoHumacao00792P.O. Box
Juana DiazJuana D’iaz00795Standard787 or 939
La PlataAibonito00786P.O. Box
LajasLajas00667Standard787 or 939
Las MariasLas Marias00670Standard787 or 939
Las PiedrasLas Piedras00771Standard787
LuquilloLuquillo00773Standard787 or 939
ManatiManati00674Standard787 or 939
MaricaoMaricao00606Standard787 or 939
MaunaboMaunabo00707Standard787 or 939
MayaguezMayaguez00682Standard787 or 939
MayaguezMayaguez00681P.O. Box
MayaguezMayaguez00680Standard787 or 939
OrocovisOrocovis00720Standard787 or 939
PalmerRio GrandeRio Grande00721P.O. Box
PoncePonce00730Standard787 or 939
PoncePonce00732P.O. Box
PoncePonce00717Standard787 or 939
PonceMerceditaPonce00716Standard787 or 939
PoncePonce00733P.O. Box
PoncePonce00728Standard787 or 939
PoncePonce00734P.O. Box
Puerto RealFajardo00740Standard787 or 939
Punta SantiagoPunta StgoHumacao00741Standard787 or 939
RinconRincon00677Standard787 or 939
Rio BlancoNaguabo00744P.O. Box
Rio GrandeRio Grande00745Standard787
Roosevelt RoadsCeiba, Roosevelt RdsCeiba00742Standard787
RosarioSan Germ‡an00636P.O. Box
Sabana GrandeSabana Grande00637Standard787
Sabana HoyosArecibo00688Standard787
Sabana SecaToa Baja00952Standard787 or 939
Saint JustTrujillo Alto00978P.O. Box
San AntonioAguadilla00690Standard787
San GermanSan German00683Standard787 or 939
San JuanRio Piedras, 65th InfantrySan Juan00924Standard787
San JuanRio PiedrasSan Juan00925Standard787
San JuanCupey, Rio PiedrasSan Juan00926Standard787
San JuanRio PiedrasSan Juan00927Standard787 or 939
San JuanCaparra, Caparra Hills, Caparra Ter, Caparra TerraceSan Juan00922P.O. Box
San JuanRio PiedrasSan Juan00928P.O. Box
San JuanRio Piedras, 65th InfantrySan Juan00929P.O. Box
San Juan65th InfantrySan Juan00923Standard787
San JuanHato ReySan Juan00919P.O. Box
San JuanSan Juan00933P.O. Box
San JuanOld San Juan, Viejo San Juan, Viejo Sn JuanSan Juan00901Standard787 or 939
San JuanCentro Medico MetropolitanoSan Juan00935UNIQUE
San JuanBarrio Obrero, Caparra, Cupey, Minillas, Old San Juan, Rio Piedras, San Jose, SanturceSan Juan00936P.O. Box
San JuanSan Juan00937P.O. Box
San JuanSan Juan00939UNIQUE
San JuanMinillas, SanturceSan Juan00940P.O. Box
San JuanBureau of CensusSan Juan00975UNIQUE
San JuanOld San Juan, Viejo San Juan, Viejo Sn JuanSan Juan00902P.O. Box
San JuanPta De Tierra, Puerta De TierraSan Juan00906P.O. Box
San JuanCondado, Miramar, SanturceSan Juan00907Standard787 or 939
San JuanSan Juan00908P.O. Box
San JuanFdez Juncos, Fernandez Juncos, Minillas, SanturceSan Juan00909Standard787 or 939
San JuanSan Juan00955P.O. Box
San JuanFdez Juncos, Fernandez JuncosSan Juan00910P.O. Box
San JuanSanturceSan Juan00911Standard787 or 939
San JuanSanturceSan Juan00912Standard788 or 939
San JuanIsla Verde, SanturceSan Juan00913Standard789 or 939
San JuanSanturceSan Juan00914P.O. Box
San JuanBarrio Obrero, Bo Obrero, SanturceSan Juan00915Standard787
San JuanBarrio Obrero, SanturceSan Juan00916P.O. Box
San JuanHato ReySan Juan00917Standard787
San JuanSan Juan00918Standard787
San JuanCaparra, Caparra Hills, Caparra Ter, Caparra Terrace, Pto Nuevo, Puerto NuevoSan Juan00920Standard787 or 939
San JuanCollege Park, Pto Nuevo, Puerto Nuevo, Rio PiedrasSan Juan00921Standard939
San JuanRio Piedras, San JoseSan Juan00930P.O. Box
San JuanRio PiedrasSan Juan00931P.O. Box
San LorenzoSan Lorenzo00754Standard787
San SebastianSan Sebasti‡an00685Standard787
Santa IsabelSanta Isabel00757Standard787
Toa AltaToa Alta00954P.O. Box
Toa AltaToa Alta00953Standard787 or 939
Toa BajaToa Baja00950P.O. Box
Toa BajaLevittownToa Baja00949Standard787 or 939
Toa BajaToa Baja00951P.O. Box
Trujillo AltoTrujilloTrujillo Alto00976Standard787 or 939
Trujillo AltoTrujilloTrujillo Alto00977P.O. Box
Vega AltaVega Alta00692Standard787
Vega BajaVega Baja00694P.O. Box
Vega BajaVega Baja00693Standard787
VillalbaVillalba00766Standard787 or 939

All data was researched and compiled from United States Postal Service (USPS) sources.

Puerto Rico  ⏐ Puerto Rico Map  ⏐ Puerto Rico Zip Codes Map

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