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To see the Real Puerto Rico, you MUST get on the road

Rainbow over the Cayey Highway Mountains - Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico, unlike many other Caribbean destinations, has MUCH to offer off the resort grounds, we highly recommend that you rent a car at least for a few days in order to get to know the real Puerto Rico, we know after a teaser trip around the island, you’ll be coming back for more.

Renting a car is the most convenient way to see the island and it is quite affordable, you can find car rentals online for as little as $13 per day with unlimited miles to drive around the island as much as your heart desires.

Driving in Puerto Rico

The roads in Puerto Rico are well marked and in good condition, with a good map you can get just about anywhere you want to go. Google maps is pretty good, but be careful because Google maps is not always up to date, and from experience some of the interior roads on Google maps lead to nowhere. We suggest you get a map at the car rental agency or purchase one.  Before going to a major attraction, we recommend you call and get directions and ask about possible road delays or detours.

Tips to Booking your Car Rental

When searching for a car rental, rates will depend upon travel season, days rented, type of car, rental location, and choice of provider. If you take a few minutes to search you may end up getting some great discounts.

Here are some steps you may take when searching that will save you money and possibly get you some free upgrades.  We are seasoned travelers, so read the following tips.

  • Last-minute deals – There are plenty of car rental agencies in Puerto Rico and you may find some great last-minute deals online and by calling locally owned rental agencies. Most last-minute deals are typically online by the major national car rental agencies. You may check our page on last-minute car rental deals.
  • Check for promotions  – Some travelers like to have the peace of mind of booking in advance and having their travel plans finalized, if you’re a planner, don’t worry you can still find some great deals by taking a few more minutes to do some research.  With online booking being so popular, almost always there you can find some great car rental promotions.
  • Car Rental Affiliation discounts – Memberships such as AAA, AARP, and other groups typically offer their members a discount when booking with certain major car rental companies. During booking be sure to carefully check during booking for this question.  You may also sign up for loyalty clubs at the major car rental companies which will give you free upgrades and points to use for future bookings. The following car rental agencies offer free memberships.
  • Shop Around – Don’t be too quick to book, check around on all major online booking companies such as:
  • Use your credit card to book your car rental – Check your credit card terms, some cards like American Express offer Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance, so you can save money by not purchasing collision damage. Other benefits include travel points/miles when you use your card to use for future travel.

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