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Puerto Rico Airports - Travel Guide

Puerto Rico is the international airport hub of the Caribbean, offering the most flights to and from major cities in the United States, international destinations, and connections to other islands in the Caribbean.   There are two international airports: Luis Munoz Marin, commonly known as San Juan International Airport (SJU) located in the municipality of Carolina on the northeast of the island, and Rafael Hernandez Airport located in the municipality of Aguadilla on the west coast of the island.

Before you Book your Flights to Puerto Rico…

You may be eager to book your flights to Puerto Rico before you do, please take a few minutes to read our airport guide so you can make the most informed decision.  A little more research may save you money on your flights and you may end up deciding to choose another vacation destination within the island that best suits your travel needs.   We have spoken to thousands of travelers who have been to Puerto Rico, most start in our beautiful Capital of San Juan, but after driving around, many find that there are other tourist towns they would have loved to visit.

Puerto Rico offers many daily flights year-round from many major cities in the United States, and many international flights.  Flight rates vary greatly depending on the travel season, the day of the week you’re traveling, time of the day, and length of stay.

Full Puerto Rico Airport Guide below… but if you wish to start your flight search…

Puerto Rico International Airports

San Juan International Airport

Puerto Rico Airport Guide - San Juan International Airport

  • Airport Name: Luis Munoz Marin
  • San Juan Airport Code: SJU
  • Location: Commonly called San Juan Airport, most people think it is located in San Juan, the location is actually in the district of Isla Verde, part of the municipality of Carolina, just minutes east of San Juan.
  • Tel: Carolina Tourism Center / 787-721-2400 x 5216, 5217, 5218 & 5219 / 787-791-1014; Airport Manager / 787-289-7240
  • Commercial Airlines: All Major Airlines & Private Flights & Charters

Offering the most flights, located on the northeast side of the island in the town of Carolina, Puerto Rico.

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Aguadilla Airport

Puerto Rico Airport Guide - Aguadilla Airport

  • Airport Name: Rafael Hernández Airport
  • Aguadilla Airport Code: BQN
  • Tel: 787-890-6075
  • Commercial Airlines: Jet Blue; National Airlines; Spirit Airlines; United Airlines; Private Flights & Charters

For those wanting to spend their vacation on the west coast of the island, you can fly into the Aguadilla airport with daily flights. Even if you are not staying on the west coast, at times there are some really cheap flights deals, so it may be worth checking into if you’re on a budget.  Two great benefits of flying into the Aguadilla Airport are the short lines and quick check-in process.

Vieques & Culebra Airports

Puerto Rico

Culebra Airport

If you wish to go to Culebra you can choose from daily flights from the San Juan International Airport and Ceiba Airport.

  • Airport Name: Benjamín Rivera Noriega
  • Culebra Airport Code: CPX
  • Tel: 787-742-0022
  • Commercial Airlines: Air America; Air Flamenco; Air Margarita; Cape Air; MN Aviation; Vieques Air Link

Vieques Airport

If you’re heading to the offshore island of Vieques, there are daily flights to the Vieques airport from Luis Muñoz Marin in San Juan (SJU), the Isla Grande Airport(SIG), and the new nearby airport in Ceiba, PR (RVR).

  • Airport Name:  Antonio Rivera Rodríguez
  • Vieques Airport Code: Code VQS
  • Tel: 787-741-0515
  • Commercial Airlines: Air America; Air Flamenco; Air Margarita; Air Sunshine; Cape Air; MN Aviation; Vieques Air Link

Puerto Rico Regional Airports

Ceiba, Puerto Rico – Jose Aponte de la Torre Airport

  • Ceiba Airport Code:  RVR 
  • Tel: 787-729-8715 x 5202, 5201
  • Commercial Airlines: Air Flamenco; MN Aviation; Vieques Air Link; Private Flights & Charters

The Airport offers very low fares to the offshore islands of Vieques and Culebra. There are also daily flights to some of the US Virgin Islands. The Ceiba Airport is located on 124 acres of the former Roosevelt Roads Naval Base in the municipality of Ceiba, Puerto Rico.

Isla Grande, San Juan – Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport

Puerto Rico Airports - Travel Guide

  • Airport Code: SIG
  • Tel: 787-729-8715 x 3330, 3331, 3332
  • Commercial Flights: Air Flamenco; Vieques Air Link; Private Flights

Located right near the popular destinations of Condado, Old San Juan, and the Puerto Rico Convention Center you can head over to the Isla Grande Airport and catch a flight to the offshore islands of Vieques & Culebra.

Ponce, Puerto Rico – Mercedita Airport

  • Airport Code: PSE
  • Tel: 787-842-6292 / 787-729-8715 x 5100
  • Commercial Flights: Jet Blue; Charters; Private Flights

If you’re planning on spending your vacation in the south region you may want to fly into the Ponce airport. Many locals fly into Ponce and budget-savvy travelers may want to check rates, at times Jet Blue gives some really great deals.

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico – Eugenio María de Hostos Airport

  • Mayaguez Airport Code: MAZ
  • Tel: 787-832-3390
  • Commercial Airlines: Cape Air; Private Flights

Arecibo, Puerto Rico – Antonio Juarbe Pol Airport

  • Arecibo Airport Code: ABO
  • Tel: 787-881-2072
  • Commercial Airlines: Private Flights

Humacao, Puerto Rico – Humacao Regional Airport

  • Humacao Airport Code: X63
  • Tel: 787-852-8188
  • Airlines: Private Flights

Map of Airports in Puerto Rico, Vieques & Culebra

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