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Travel to the islands of Vieques & Culebra

Ceiba Puerto Rico Ferry Guide - Vieques & Culebra

A ferry is an affordable option for visitors wishing to visit the islands of Vieques and Culebra, but it takes some planning and may require patience

We take pride in offering unbiased information for our readers, we will be honest so you don’t have any surprises, so please read this page carefully, this guide includes ferry travel tips, taxi/transfers to Ceiba ferry, and other options for travel to Culebra and Vieques

For years the Fajardo ferry was a poor experience for both tourists and residents of the island.   In the month of October 2018, the long-awaited “short route” from Ceiba to Vieques and Culebra began.  Government agencies are making efforts to make travel for residents and visitors more enjoyable, it is a work in progress and MUCH work has yet to be done.

  • Two new fast ferries are offering services, operated by Puerto Rico Fast Ferries, LLC.  The rides are nice and stable.  You have the choice of seating inside the air-conditioned cabin or outdoor seating offering the best views during the ride.  The two-passenger ferries are Big Cat and Schoodic Explorer.
  • The most awaited improvement was announced on April 8th, 2018 which was the ability to make online reservations, however, many tourists and locals report about the inability to make the reservations.
  • Please Note: There are no more ferries leaving to Vieques & Culebra from Fajardo. 

With that said, we can assure you the magic and allure of Vieques and Culebra are worth the annoyances you may encounter at the ferry terminal.  Vieques and Culebra rely heavily on tourism, your visit and vacation dollars make a real difference to families and businesses on the island.

Disclaimer: We update the page when information is available.  This information is offered as a general guide, we make every effort to keep it up to date, however, the ferry schedule, rates, and availability is constantly changing. We recommend you purchase the tickets online ahead of time.  If you’re planning on purchasing tickets at the ferry terminal, please arrive early in the morning for the best possibilities and expect delays.   Don’t miss reading our tips below.  

Getting to Ceiba Ferry Terminal from San Juan

Vieques & Culebra Travel

For visitors traveling to Vieques and Culebra wishing to stretch their vacation dollars taking the ferry is most definitely the best option, but be sure to plan your transportation from San Juan to Ceiba so it doesn’t end up wasting the savings and precious vacation time.  While there are many taxis in the San Juan and resort areas taking travelers to the Ceiba ferry terminal, booking private transfer service in most cases is actually the best option.  Taxi Vans are shared or you may have to spend more for your group, average shared ride from San Juan starts at around $85.  Below we have provided the top-rated transfer service from San Juan to Ceiba Ferry Terminal.

Transfers from San Juan to Ceiba Ferry Terminal (Vieques & Culebra)

Culebra / Ceiba Ferry & Cargo Schedule

Ceiba Ferry to Culebra Island - Puerto Rico

  • Residents & Visitors – $2.50 one way
  • Ages: 3 – 11 and 60 – 74 – $1.00 one way
  • Ages 75 and older – Free

For the most convenient way to ride the ferry to Culebra, take a look at the following tours which some include ferry tickets and transportation to the terminal from hotels. 

Tours to Culebra from the Ceiba Ferry Terminal

Ceiba / Culebra Ferry Schedule

We do our best to keep the schedule up to date, but it is inconsistent.  Keep reading below under Reservations. 

Ceiba to Culebra

  • 4:00am Cargo & Passengers
  • 6:00am Passengers
  • 9:00am Cargo & Passengers
  • 11:00am Passengers
  • 1:00pm Cargo & Passengers
  • 3:00pm Passengers
  • 4:45pm Cargo & Passengers
  • 8:15pm Cargo & Passengers

Culebra to Ceiba

  • 6:00am Cargo & Passengers
  • 9:00am Passengers
  • 11:00am Cargo & Passengers
  • 1:00pm Passengers
  • 3:00pm Cargo & Passengers
  • 5:00pm Passengers
  • 6:30pm Cargo & Passengers

Vieques / Ceiba Ferry & Cargo Schedule

Ceiba Puerto Rico Ferry

  • Residents & Visitors – $2.00 one way
  • Ages: 3 – 11 and 60 – 74 – $1.00 one way
  • Ages 75 and older – Free
  • For the most up-to-date ferry schedule please see below under Reservations.

Top Rated Vieques - Snorkeling & Scuba Diving Tours

Ceiba / Vieques Ferry Schedule

Again, we do our best to keep the schedule up to date, but it is very inconsistent, following is the link to the government website, which we have received many complaints is not always up to date or functioning.    Visit website.

Ceiba to Vieques

  • 4:00am Cargo & Passengers
  • 6:30am Passengers
  • 9:00am Cargo & Passengers
  • 11:00am Passengers
  • 1:00pm Cargo & Passengers
  • 3:00pm Passengers
  • 4:45pm Cargo & Passengers
  • 8:15pm Cargo & Passengers

Vieques to Ceiba

  • 6:00am Cargo & Passengers
  • 9:00am Passengers
  • 11:00am Cargo & Passengers
  • 1:00pm Passengers
  • 3:00pm Cargo & Passengers
  • 5:00pm Passengers
  • 6:30pm Cargo & Passengers

Ceiba Ferry Reservations

We are so happy to inform you that you can finally book ferry tickets online.  It will cost you more, but we believe the benefits outweigh the cost.

Purchasing ferry tickets online

Purchasing tickets at the Ceiba ferry terminal

  • Ticket Window Hours:  6:30am – 3:30pm

Rates for ferry tickets: 

  • Vieques: $2.00
  • Culebra:  $2.25
  • Children 3 – 11 years old: $1.00
  • Adults 60 – 74 years old: $1.00
  • Adults 75 years and older: Free
  • Children under 3 years old: Free
  • Handicapp passengers: $1.00
  • Passengers with Medicare: $1.00

Forms of Payment: Cash, ATH (debit), Visa / Mastercard

  • Tel: (be patient, average wait time is 10 minutes)  787-497-7740 ext: 2736, 2727, 2729
  • Email: the email address implies that you can make reservations by e-mail.  Again, we called Nov.15 and we were informed that e-mail reservations are not possible at this time until further notice.  In case you wish to have it: reservaciones@atm.gobierno.pr

Facilities - Ceiba Ferry Terminal

The ferry terminal is located on Marina Drive inside Roosevelt Roads in Ceiba (see map below).  

  • Currently there is a temporary tent where passengers can wait until departure. 
  • Parking – located next to the ferry terminal. Cost $5 plus tax.  Bring cash.  
  • Restrooms –  Visitors, we highly recommend that you stop at a fast food place, get a few bottles of water and snack before driving to the Ceiba ferry terminal and use the restrooms.   Facilities were not completed before moving the ferry service from Fajardo to Ceiba.  There are portable bathrooms until the construction of bathrooms are completed.  Bring your own wipes and hand sanitizer. 
  • Food – Before you drive to the Ceiba ferry terminal stop by a gas station for a few snacks and drinks just in case.   There is one gentleman selling ice cream, coffee and sandwiches at the terminal.  The terminal offers vending machines with a few snacks, soda and water. 
  • Food on Board – The fast ferries sell water bottles during the trip. 

Travel Tips - Ferry Service

If you’re only planning on spending a night in Vieques or Culebra, we recommend you plan most of your vacation stay in San Juan, Rio Grande or Fajardo area in order to shorten travel time to Ceiba and get the most of your day trip on the islands.

Most of the tips apply to visitors booking their tickets at the ferry terminal.  

  • Arrival time: If you are purchasing the tickets at the terminal, be sure to get to the ferry terminal at least 1.5 hours before your desired time of departure, 2 hours on weekends.
  • Bathrooms: Although we are not affiliated or work at the ferry terminal, we sincerely apologize for the bathroom situation.  It is beyond embarrassing to us that visitors and residents have to use portable toilets, and on top of that in poor sanitary conditions.  Do yourself a favor and stop by a fast food place on the way to the Ceiba ferry terminal, and also buy yourself a snack, you’ll thank us later.
  • Weekends – Vieques & Culebra are popular vacation spots for Puerto Rico residents, we recommend you arrive early in the morning to get a ticket.  Again, we recommend you purchase the tickets in advance online.
  • Purchase a round trip ticket to secure your seat back to the main island if booking in person at the terminal.  If you are not sure of your return date, no worries, it is typically much easier getting a ticket back to Puerto Rico on busy travel days.
  • Holidays & Holiday Weekends:  If you want to travel to Vieques or Culebra on a holiday or holiday weekend, be prepared for large crowds.  It is not guaranteed you’ll get a ferry ticket.   We highly recommend you fly to Vieques or Culebra from San Juan Airport, Isla Grande, or Ceiba airports and take the ferry back.
  • Car Rental –  Book your car rental in Culebra & Vieques before your arrival date.  They will pick you up at the ferry terminal, some companies already have car rental employees waiting at the dock to transport you to the car rental office.
  • Dear Puerto Rico Residents:  You’re incredibly lucky to live in a place where ferry tickets to such beautiful places cost just a few dollars.  Please support the local economy by purchasing food and drinks there.   The cost to take a cooler is not worth the hassle, you’ll make travel easier and you’ll be supporting Viequenes and Culebrenses that rely on tourism to support their families.  Please don’t leave trash on the beaches, a simple act can make a huge impact on the environment and it shows respect to the locals who already struggle with lack of resources to maintain the island.  Take only memories, leave only footprints. 

The Ferry Ride

Ride Length

  • Ceiba to Culebra – The ride from Ceiba to Culebra is about 45 minutes on the fast ferry.
  • Ceiba to Vieques – The ride from Ceiba to Vieques takes about 30 minutes on the fast ferry to the current terminal in town.   When the route changes to the “short route” in Rompeolas / Mosquito Pier (currently under construction), the ride will be just 15 minutes on the fast ferries and 30 minutes on the cargo boats.

Seasickness –  The ride is pretty stable, but depending on the weather the boat may get a little rocky.  If you suffer from seasickness, sit on the middle seats where you’ll feel less motion. Speak to your doctor about a prescription or over the counter medication before your trip to prevent motion sickness.

FAQ's - Ferry Travel to the Islands of Vieques & Culebra

Can we make reservations ahead?

As mentioned previously, as of November, there is no online booking system and no reservations are taken by phone.  You may purchase tickets ahead of time at the ticket office in Ceiba, Vieques and Culebra.  Some hotels and vacation rental owners will purchase tickets for guests ahead of time.  

May I take my car to Vieques / Culebra?

Puerto Rico residents:  it is certainly a plus being able to take your vehicle to Vieques and Culebra.  Be advised that space is very limited, priority is given to residents of the islands. You will need your car registration number and driver’s license.  Reservations are required for the Cargo Ferry.  Call as soon as you know your dates to make a reservation. They take Visa / MasterCard for reservations.   See above for contact information.

Is there parking at the dock?

Yes, you may park your car at the public parking lot for about $5 per day. 

Can we rent a car in Puerto Rico and bring it to Vieques on the ferry?

If you have a rental car in Puerto Rico, check with the car rental company.  We recommend you simply rent a car in Vieques and Culebra for the day.   It is not necessary to rent a car in Culebra, you can rent a golf cart or take a taxi to Flamenco and have a wonderful time.  The magic of Vieques is best enjoyed with a vehicle or scooter rental.  Read our car rental tip above under Travel Tips. 

Map - Ferry Terminals in Ceiba, Vieques & Culebra

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